World-class modern transit comes to Clark Street.
Upgrade from buses stuck in traffic to modern streetcars running freely in a dedicated lane.
Wrigley Field to Daley Plaza in just 20 minutes.
Increase property values and boost local business.
Cheaper to operate than buses. More riders than the 'L' at one-tenth the cost.
More people and fewer cars in the Loop every year: more commerce and less congestion.
Combine commuting with convenient local shopping.
Shop on the way home in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood environment.
A pedestrian-priority transit-optimized shopping street at the heart of the neighborhood.
A place to play at the end of the day, a street for strolling on Saturdays.
A family-friendly neighborhood safe for biking at any age.
Take the streetcar to the zoo, or the museum, or the beach, or the ball game.
A great place to live. Why invest in streetcars?